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Orangerie – Chateau de Voltaire

Ferney-Voltaire, Restoration of the Château de Voltaire, ongoing
  • LocationFerney-Voltaire (01210)
  • ClientCentre des Monuments Nationaux
  • ScheduleDepuis 2013
  • Cost/Area5,8 M € HT
  • TeamFrançois Chatillon, architecte en chef des Monuments Historiques

Voltaire lived the last twenty years of his life at his château at Ferney. He fought many battles, some illustrious ( Callas, Sirven and other victims of fanatism and nonsenses), not forgetting to join in to the humbler squabbles against his neighbours. He also established a territory up to larger scale than his own château. Nowadays the question is to find a way to work on the conservation of a château and a garden appearing to be mostly specific of the XIXth century ?


Before talking about a « place of Remembrance » ; one must desire to know Voltaire himself. The conservation of Ferney started with the « Orangerie » and was finished in 2013. The architectural response remains modest because architecture is not the right answer to this question. The architectural option is to keep the château as such and to establish efficient and practical access to the public. All the visitors to Ferney, all the artists and authors will then discover simultneously the universal dimension and the tribulations of an ordinary man.

The conservation of the « Orangerie » is the first step. The works for the complete conservation will start in 2015.